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A blog about one woman’s changing relationship with her aging parents.

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About this blog

This is a blog about how things are with my parents and with me as my parents are aging. I think it’s going to be about practical stuff and about just what it feels like, but we’ll see as it goes along. The reason I’m doing it is mostly because I know you are out there: people like me who are a little overwhelmed with how things are when their parents age, and there’s a chance that you will find this blog helpful or at least comforting. Also I think that writing about it like this to you might make me feel better too.

My situation in September 2016 as I begin this blog is that my 87-year-old father is in a “Medicaid-pending” bed at a nursing home 90 miles from where I live. “Medicaid-pending” means that we are waiting for Medicaid to accept him so that they will pay the majority of the cost of his care and room and board. Dad has been in this status for about 2 weeks. Prior to that he was a Medicare-covered patient at the nursing home, receiving rehab treatment to recover from a stroke and broken hip. But his lack of cooperation with physical therapy caused the nursing home to drop him as a Medicare patient. His lack of mobility makes it impossible for him to come home. My 78-year-old mother lives next door to my younger sister, about 15 miles from the nursing home and 75 miles away from me.

That’s the scenario.

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